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Thailand visa

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Thai visa for Bangladeshi

How to apply Thailand visa from Bangladesh

We discuss everything about how to apply for easily Thailand visa from Bangladesh.

At time Thailand travel is the first choice of most people in our country after India for travel from Bangladesh to the beautiful country of Thailand. Make A Wish has been providing service to Thailand visa from Bangladesh for the past 4 years with a reputation. Many of them have got visas and many have taken VL after submitting Thai visa documents. We will discuss with you the Thai visa application process in light of the complexity of everything. We think we have the authority to write about a Thailand visa because we have a lot of experience in submitting Thailand visa from Bangladesh. So for your convenience, We are writing the Thailand travel details for processing a Thailand visa from Bangladesh which will include everything from documents, cost, visa fee, and application submission. So read the entire post carefully.

Types of Thai visa for Bangladeshi

Many tourists from Bangladesh go to Thailand every year. Royal Thai Embassy offers 5 types of visa services from Bangladesh.

They are:

  • Thailand Tourist Visa
  • Transit Visa
  • Non-Immigrant Visa
  • Group Travel Visa
  • Visa for Diplomatic and Official Passports
  • Visa for Foreign Passport

We discuss the Thailand visa from Bangladesh application process of everything. Thai visa processing documents, cost, visa fee, and application submission. A Thailand tourist visa or Thailand travel visa is usually a single entry for 3 months and multiple entries for 6 months. Both Thai visa for Bangladeshi allow you to stay in Thailand for a maximum of 60 days per entry. Earlier there was a double entry 6 months visa. The Tourist visa type is “TR”. Besides, there have also transit, medical, business, etc. visas.

In this article, We will try to discuss the whole Thai visa for Bangladeshi process of getting a Thailand tourist visa from Bangladesh. If you follow this process perfectly then you have to chances of getting a visa will be maximum. Because the Royal Thai Embassy for Thailand tourist visa asks to prepare the application file according to the rules and regulations, we have arranged this process by following the rules and regulations of the embassy.

What are the steps Thailand visa from Bangladesh apply from start to finish?

  • Collecting your necessary documents
  • Filling up the Thai visa application form.
  • Collection of receipt by depositing visa fee.
  • Collect passport by checking passport status online.

By following these steps you can apply for a Thailand visa from Bangladesh very easily.

Now let’s start the details discussion on Thailand tourist visas.

Thailand tourist visa type is called “TR” type visa. You can apply for a single entry (3 months validity) or multiple entries (6 months validity) visa for Thailand. However, regardless of the visa, you cannot stay in Thailand for a maximum of 60 consecutive days. You can get a Thailand visa from the Thai Embassy in Dhaka, Chittagong, and Sylhet. It will take a minimum of 4-5 working days to get the visa if submitted in Dhaka, 6-7 working days in Chittagong, and a minimum of 7-8 working days in Sylhet. After submitting the passport, you can check online when you get the passport and bring it, don’t be harassed without online checking. To check passport status from VFS Global website. You can check or save the link if you want.

Thailand tourist visa requirements for Bangladeshi

For Thailand travel filling the Thai application form and collect the necessary Documents Required to apply Thai Visa Application

The first step in applying for a Thailand tourist visa or Thailand travel visa is to collect the necessary documents apply. So let’s see what documents are required to get a Thailand visa.

  • Thailand Visa application form
  • Passport
  • 2 copies of passport size photograph (3.5 cm * 4.5 cm size)
  • Bank statement
  • Bank solvency certificate (mentioning total balance is preferable but not necessary)
  • Professional proof (Trade License, NOC, Student ID, etc.)
  • Visa Request Letter
  • Air ticket booking
  • Hotel booking
  • Travel itinerary or travel plan
  • Photocopy of the passport data page (photo page)
  • Copy of National Identity Card
  • Latest Thai Visa copy (if applicable)
  • Need Marriage certificate, if husband and wife apply.
  • Consent letter from the guardian if below 18 years

All above mentioned documents must be in English. If in Bengali or other languages ​​it should be notarized in English.

 Thailand Visa Application Form:

Filling Thailand Tourist Visa Application Form

Once all the documents are collected, now you need to fill out the Thailand visa form. The Thailand visa form is a very short one-page form. So you can fill it very easily. First, download the Thai visa form from the Thai website. You can contact Make a Wish travel agent for cooperation.

Now you can follow some instructions and fill out the Thai visa application form. Some tips to fill some forms are given below:

  • Fill in the basic information carefully by looking at the passport.
  • Countries for which travel document is valid” here write “ALL COUNTRIES EXCEPT ISRAEL” according to your passport. This passport is valid for all counties of the world. In that case, they will write ALL COUNTRIES OF THE WORLD if they want.
  • In “Proposed Address in Thailand” information about any hotel should be given. If you have booked a hotel, enter the details here.
  • “Name and Address of Local Guarantor” Enter the name, address, and phone number of someone who knows you well. Sometimes this local guarantor is called.
  • “Name and Address of Guarantor in Thailand” If you have someone in Thailand who knows you well and knows about your travel, then enter his name, address, and phone number here. But almost all of us don’t have anyone in Thailand so they just write ‘N/A’.
  • Date of Arrival in Thailand, Traveling by, Flight No. or Vessel Name as per your air ticket booking.
  • In Duration of Proposed Stay, enter the number of days you plan to stay (in case of air ticket, enter the date of arrival and departure of the ticket).
  • Finally, put the signature and date in the given space

So, one page form should keep these things in mind. Filling out the form may seem tedious to you. You don’t have to worry about these things with the help of your destination partner Make A Wish.


For a Thailand visa, applicants must need a passport valid for at least 6 months. Sometimes it is seen that passport validity is 6 months from the date of submission of the passport for the visa, but after you submit it The period to obtain a visa is reduced from 6 months, so there may be problems at the airport immigration. In that case, if the validity of your passport is more than 6 months, it is very good that the validity of the passport is 6 months even after getting the Thailand visa.

Note: The passport must have at least two blank pages to accommodate visa stickers and immigration stamps. All old passports should also be submitted.


2 copies of the lab print photo (size 5.0 cm x 4.5 cm) should be submitted. The applicant’s background in the image will be white. And the photo must be taken within the last 6 mont

Detailed guidelines for visa application documents


We show you a video on how to fill out the form Thailand visa from Bangladesh

Bank Statement:

A bank statement for the last 6 months of the Thailand visa should be submitted. And the current balance in the account should be at least 20,000 Thai Baht or BDT 60,000 Bangladeshi Taka. And if you apply as a family, you should have at least 40,000 Thai Baht or BDT 1,20,000 Bangladeshi Taka in the Bank account.

Bank Solvency Certificate

Not only a bank statement but also a bank solvency certificate/letter is required for a Thailand visa. It is good to mention the current balance in bank solvency, although it is not mandatory. And the original copy of both the bank statement and bank solvency should be submitted.

Professional Credentials

Proof of occupation is an important factor for any country’s visa application. Here we mention the documents to be given as proof of profession for people of some major professions.


If you are a freelancer, you can provide some proof from the platform you work on. For example, Print Profile, Earning History. And those who work on Upwork can give a ‘Certificate of Earnings’. Someone is given a screenshot of his/her Upwork profile. And also give the remittance certificate for the last financial year. Besides, you can give a contract or appointment letter for a remote job.


If you are a student, usually you have to give a copy of the student ID. However, they will be called to the educational institution to confirm. A recommendation letter from the school/university or student card/evidence of school/university enrollment in their language.


If you are employed then you need to provide NOC or No Objection Certificate. NOC must be on the official pad of your company. Here your name and passport number should be mentioned. And the pad should have your company’s contact information because the visa officer will call your office to inquire about you.

Note: The salary bank statement is preferable for employees. Besides, pay slips or salary certificates should be given to the employees. However, if there is no salary certificate, the salary information should be mentioned in the NOC.


If you are a trader, you must provide a copy of the trade license. And your name should be mentioned in the trade license. And in the case of a limited company, a copy of the memorandum of articles should be given along with a trade license. You can also give a visiting card if you want.


In the case of the doctor, NOC or BMDC certificate from the hospital is required. And if a lawyer, Bar Council certificate, or NOC/letter from your law firm.


If none of the above covers your occupation, please provide your occupation proof. Finally, if nothing else, describe in a white paper what you do, how much you earn, or how you manage your travel expenses.

Visa Request Letter

All applicants must address the visa application letter to the visa officer. The travel agency Make A Wish will give you the visa application letter.  Nothing to worry about.

Air Ticket Booking

You have to book a confirmed air ticket for the Thailand tour. If you want, you can get this booking copy without paying at Make A Wish. Besides, many booking platforms Tikcket Kato also provides bookings for specific periods without paying, it’s better for to you can contact Make a Wish travel agent for cooperation.

Hotel Booking

Hotel booking should also be paid, You can contact Make a Wish Travel Agent for assistance in making free hotel bookings. It is not mandatory but requires a lot of time. And we recommend you book your hotel.

Travel Itinerary or Travel Plan

This is a brief description of how long you want to stay in Thailand itinerary and where you want to go. You can make it yourself if you want, you can contact Make a Wish travel agent for assistance.

Thailand visa application submission rules

Once all the documents and forms are ready, now the task is to submit the visa form and documents to the Thailand Visa Application Center. Now two institutions in the country accept Thailand visa applications. One is Simon Global and the other is VFS Global. VFS Global takes deposits only in Dhaka and Simon Global has visa application centers in Sylhet and Chittagong apart from Dhaka.

You have to go to the center in the morning with all the documents and stand in the queue. Then all your papers will be collected from the counter serially according to the checklist. If everything is fine, they will submit and if any paper is missing or there is a problem, they will tell you If the documents are not correct, the file will not be submitted, and it will be returned to you at this time.

By going to the visa application center, you have to pay their service charge apart from the visa fee set by the Thailand Embassy. The visa fee and processing fee must be paid at the designated booth for depositing. It is better to carry change.

Depending on the tourist season, the intensity of the crowd at the visa application center varies.

Collection or return of passport

After applying, you will get a call from the center where you applied on the same day that your application has been submitted and they will say that you will get a call from the Thai Embassy in the next few days. Whether you submit it yourself or through an agency, you will get this call.

You will then receive a call from the Thailand Embassy from the next day onwards. They will ask a lot of questions about your profession. Want to know why to go to Thailand? Besides, if you are employed, you can call your office, and if you are a student, your educational institution. So after applying, there should be an alert until the call is received.

Thailand Visa Application Tracking

You can check the status of your application from submission of application to return of passport on the website of the center where you submitted it.

  • If you submit it to Simon Global, you can track it with the reference number by going to their website.
  • Check with reference number and date of birth by visiting this link if submitted to VFS Global.

You can bring the passport online when it is ready for delivery. So take your passport and check if you got a visa. They will tell you everything if you submit through a travel agency Make A Wish. They will provide you with a home delivery service to collect your documents collect and deliver to you.

Thailand visa processing yourself, or with an agency?

You can do Thailand visa processing by yourself, but if you do it yourself, many times mistakes are made. File submission is also full of trouble. First of all, if you do not understand so much, then it is better to do it with an agency. Besides, the agency will return the passport to you starting from filling out the form and submitting the visa application. You will have no problem with it. Will save a lot of time. And the fees they charge after the main charge are very less. Less than 1 thousand Tk. But all is well. If you are a working person or an established businessman or in a good position in any other profession then an agency will be the best option for you. Or if you want you can do it through an agency. Now how do you decide to do it yourself or do it with an agency?

Make A Wish Thai Authorized Agency if you want to contact with,

Make A Wish


2nd Floor, 42/1, Nodda Bus Stand,

Dewan Furniture Mart Building Dhaka, 1212.

Phone: 01728-344949

Map location

Frequently some asked questions and answers

Thailand visa fee for Bangladeshi?

Thailand visa cost BDT 5000 Taka including service charges.

Is a Thailand visa open for Bangladeshis?

Yes, now a Thailand visa is open for Bangladeshis.

How long time a take to apply to get a Thai visa?

Usually, Time will be 4-5 working days. But sometimes there may be a delay depending on the embassy.

We hope that we have answered all your questions about Thailand visa processing. If you still have any questions, ask. we will answer If you ask questions in the comment box below the article, We can try to answer you quickly. You can contact us on our Facebook page. Make A Wish will collect your passport and documents from your home/office and deliver to you. If you are having trouble with your Thai visa, you can get support from Make a Wish at your home without any hassle.

Thank you very much for reading the article and for your time consideration.

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