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Singapore is an island city state located at the south tip of Malasya. It is one of the most expensive and prosperous countries in the world and an example of organized and modern multicultural city.

It is also worldwide famous for its cleanliness (you might have heard about a country that has banned spitting and eating chewing gum, that is Singapore), safety and for featuring attractions unlike anything else in the world (Gardens by the bay for example)

Singapore is one of the most visited countries in Asia as it is a hub for international flights. Is quite often used as a stopover before a connection flight.

How to get to Singapore

Luckily, getting to Singapore is quite easy as Singapore Changi Airport is one of the busiest and best connected airports in the world.It is located only 24km from the city center There are different options to get to the city center.

  • Bus. It is the slowest option, as it takes 1.5h. You need to take the bus line 36/36A which runs from the airport to the central MRT stations in the CBD – Marine Parade Rd, Somerset or Orchard Rd and other stops. You should get off at the most convenient stop for you. A single ticket costs 2.5 SGD make sure you have the exact amount as drivers don’t have change.
  • Train. Take the train from Changi Airport MRT Station (CG2) to Tanah Merah MRT Station (EW4), then transfer to the East-West Line towards Tuas Link MRT Station (EW33).  Single-ride tickets(2.20SGD) and EZ-link cards can be purchased at all train stations.
  • Taxi. A taxi ride to the city center which is 30 km from the airport, costs between 20$ and 40$. All fares are metered.


Chinatown is one of the vibrant districts in Singapore that proudly display their heritage, with low rise building, old shophouses, temples and Chinese restaurants where you can endulge some of their traditional dishes.

Take the time to walk around the narrow streets, that display the distinctive red and gold decorations, look for bargains in the shophouses and visit some unique temples, such as the Buddha Relic Temple or The Thian Hock Keng Temple (one of the oldest Chinese temples in Singapore).

Civic District

The civic district is the heart of Singapore’s history, culture and architecture heritage. It is an easy walkable area with lots of give- shading trees to protect yourself from the intense sunlight as well as open lawns to rest.

It is home of historic buildings in the city that used to be the administrative hub but now it has been repurposed, becoming an art destination the last weekend of every month.

Start visiting the National Gallery and then take a look at some the historical buildings:

  • The Asian Civilisations Museum
  • The Victoria Theatre and Concert Hall
  • The old Parliament House
  • Queen Elizabeth Walk
  • The Supreme Court and City Hall
  • The Padang.

Finally, you cannot miss one of the most important landmarks in Singapore, the Merlion.

Gardens by the Bay

Gardens by the bay is one of the most important attractions in Singapore for presenting an innovative and futuristic design that combines nature and modern technology. It was borned as a proyect to create a City in a Garden, and the result of that is a horticultural wonderland that brings millions of visitors every year.

Gardens by the Bay is divided into three main parts, Bay South Garden, Bay East Garden, and Bay Central Garden.

The first thing you will see as you walk in is the Super Trees, which resemble Singapore’s national flower, the orchid Pantheistic Miss Joaquin. Don’t miss the chance to go up the walkway between the Super Trees and enjoy the jaw-dropping views of the garden from the heights.

Cloud Forest, a 35 meters-tall enclosed compound that has the tallest indoor waterfall in the world. It is home of a wide diversity of lush vegetation from tropical areas up to 2000 feet above the sea level. Apart from the mesmerizing environment of the Cloud Forest, you can also learn interesting facts about rare plant species and how they are disheartening.

Flower Dome. Another top attraction in Gardens by the Bay. It is one of the largest greenhouses in the world with a variety of rare plants that replicates the Mediterranean climate.

Garden Rhapsody Light and Sound Show

Every day, Gardens by the Bay makes the public stand in awe with its Garden Rhapsody light and sound show. This show features spectacular dazzling lights and music giving live to the Super Trees in the Gardens by the Bay. It is an unmissable attraction in Singapore.

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