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Located a few miles from the coast of Spain, Morocco is known not only for it’s early Islamic architecture but also for it’s great tasting dishes and beautiful beaches. Hence, the tourism industry in this country is continuously growing, with millions of tourists spending days, weeks and even months in this country every year. Well, we cannot blame them for wanting to travel to this marvelous country, especially with the fact that the exteriors of the Moroccan buildings are artful, featuring mosaic tiles and Moroccan pottery, enough to amuse all of its visitors.

In travelling to another country, regardless of whether it is in Morocco or not, we need to be equipped with knowledge about the country, its history, tradition, etc.

The destinations are organised into three orders metropolises, sand municipalities, and places of natural beauty. Hopefully, this list will help you pick the stylish places to visit in Morocco that suit your trip style, and will convert you to bespeak a trip to visit Morocco.
Stylish Places To Visit In Morocco
Mint tea can be set up in all of the stylish places to visit in Morocco


The most visited megacity in Morocco, Marrakech is a bustling mecca of trippers and locals likewise. It showcases traditional Moroccan culture in an accessible way for excursionists, with a sprawling Medina dealing crafts and monuments and the Instagram- notorious Jardin Majorelle boasting gorgeous armature and landscaping.
Jema El Fnaa is the main forecourt of Marrakech, though I believe the true charm of the megacity lies outside this area. Jema El Fnaa is insanely touristy and locals then exploit creatures for sightseer prints. Try to avoid this mess and adventure to other areas of Marrakech for a better experience.
Visit Saadien’s sepultures for 70 Dirhams and phenomenon at the intricate artwork and design that adorns the sepultures of the Moroccan Saadien Dynasty from the 16th and 17th centuries. subsequently, tromp through the original road request on Derb Demnat Street and indulge in fresh dates, cactus fruits and juicy peaches. Belt mint tea in a cafe, browse through unique natural remedies in a herbal drug shop, and enjoy the artwork in the Museum of Photography. Marrakech is the perfect gateway into Moroccan culture so it’s a great first stop for trippers. Fresh Juice In Marrakesh Enjoy fresh juice in the Marrakesh Medina.



Morocco’s capital megacity is packed with lodestones and literal monuments making it one of the stylish places to visit in Morocco.
Visit the Modern Art Museum and National Archaeological Museum for an informational sapience into Moroccan culture and art. Or travel the Royal Palace and see where Moroccan kingliness lives. Other emotional architectural structures include the Kasbah of the Udayas, the Mausoleum of Mohammed V and its neighbour, the Hassan Tower, which was meant to be the largest minaret in the world but to this day remain untreated.
All three of these are located along the Bou Regreg River that snakes through the megacity. After immersing yourself in the history of Rabat, head just south of the megacity to chesterfield on Temara Beach or Skirat Beach. Temara is near to the megacity and a bit more accessible.
But Skirat is known as being one of Morocco’s most beautiful and well- maintained strands.



Known as the artistic capital of Morocco, Fez is notorious for its literal significance and its well- saved traditional culture. Tourism is on the rise as Fez becomes more well- known. There are plenitude of rambler caravansaries , nice hospices, and fancy Riads to suit every rubberneck.
still, Fez still feels veritably authentic and trippers may witness a bit of culture shock then. Fez’s Medina is the oldest in the world and is said to have over,000 thoroughfares.
Prepare to get lost in the Medina because it’s ineluctable. But the sensitive load and artistic sapience you ’ll find in this maze of thoroughfares are well worth the chaos. Having an offline navigation app likeMaps.Me can veritably extremely helpful to help you find your way out of the Medina.
While rambling through the Medina, stop at the Chouara Tannery, the largest tannery in the world.
Then you can watch locals make leather using traditional styles. Someone will generally hand you a mint limb as you walk in so you can hold it under your nose and block out some of the strong, pungent aromas of the tannery.
Venture outside the Medina to see the further ultramodern size of Fez. Bab Bou Jeloud, or the “ Blue Gate, ” and the Royal Palace are two veritably beautiful and well- maintained sights to see in Fez. Just have an open mind when travelling through Fez and appreciate the authenticity of the megacity.



For anyone travelling to Morocco from southern Spain, this is the first Moroccan megacity you’ll witness. Located on the Strait of Gibraltar, Tangier is a good transition megacity between Europe and Africa. It’s a harborage megacity on the water, but the strands are n’t as nice as others in Morocco. So trippers
to Tangier should concentrate more on the literal and artistic aspects of the megacity.
A artistic crossroad, then you can find traditional north African influences in the Old Town and Medina, where the structures are painted a majestic white. Visit Cafe Hafa, a notorious riverside cafe that serves traditional drinks and snacks and offers a lovely view of the ocean.
In the Medina you can also find the Phoenician sepultures, the Old Kasbah, a Kasbah Museum and Dar el Makhzen, a literal masterpiece that used to be a sultans palace but its now a gallery of vestiges.
For a original food experience, visit the Berber Farmer’s request on Thursdays and Sundays for fresh yield. Or adventure to the massive Grand Socco Market, open every day. There’s also a New Town known as Ville Nouvelle, which exudes a majestic French atmosphere with its intricate armature and commodious arterials full of shops. Place De France is the beating heart of the Ville Nouvelle, and this is one of the stylish places to visit in Morocco for chancing trendy cafes and caffs.


Though Rabat is the country’s capital megacity, Casablanca is the biggest megacity with a population of about3.4 million. This busy littoral megacity is one of the more advanced places in Morocco, with a thriving entertainment scene and growing business sector. As Casablanca is one of the further ultramodern metropolises in Morocco, then you can find transnational cookery, pavilions, clubs, high- end shopping and one of the world’s largest shopping centres, the Morocco Mall. In discrepancy to the Old Medina, the megacity also has a New Medina erected in the 1930s, called the Quartier Habous. This New Medina is important cleaner and further refined than the Old Medina, though it showcases ultramodern European influence rather than authenticity. Casablanca’s ocean is n’t the nicest for swimming. But a nice walk or jam along the Corniche, or oceanfront street is a great way to enjoy the ocean breath. On this deepwater sidewalk you can find the Hassan II Mosque, arguably the stylish magnet in Casablanca. As one of the largest kirks in the world, the impeccable design and sheer size of this religious corner is a feast for the eyes.
Because of the classic film of the same name, Casablanca is also maybe the most well known and stylish places to visit in Morocco.


As a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Meknes is the perfect destination for history suckers and those with a artistic curiosity. This is one of the four Homeric metropolises of Morocco and was a Moroccan capital megacity in the 17th Century. Because Meknes is less popular than near Fez, trippers can carouse in the city’s literal significance without all the crowds of the bigger metropolises. The Medina of Meknes dates back to the 9th Century and is guarded by the gorgeously tiled Bar Mansour Gate. Wander through then for a look into Morocco’s history and indulge in a many original crafts. Stop by the Meknes Museum to explore various Moroccan art including hairpieces and fabrics, crockery and pottery, and apparel and jewellery. Other highlights of Meknes include the Gallery of Moroccan Art, also known as Dar Jamai, the Borj Belkari Museum of Crockery, The Mausoleum of Sultan Moulay Ismail and the Royal Stables remains. One of Morocco’s most notorious and well- saved remains, Volubilis, lies just north of Meknes and makes an stupendous day trip from the megacity.


Nestled against the Rif Mountains, Chefchaouen may be the most graphic place in Morocco. trippers flock then from each over the world to snap the “ Blue Pearl of Morocco, ” as this small megacity is frequently called because of its blue- painted residences. tromping through Chefchaouen feels like a dream because of all the blue makeup. Whether it be pale light blue or deep royal blue, the tinge mixes with the graceful armature to make every single road look like commodity from a card. You’ll understand why it’s one of the stylish places to visit in Morocco once you spend a many hours wandering through the megacity.
The most scenic place in the megacity is the Old Town, and the most mugged spots then are “ Blue Street, ” Place El Haouta and El Asri Street.
All of these reveal some gorgeous displays of blue makeup and inconceivable design. So it’s surely worth staying amongst the crowds to see these sights. still, you ’ll beat utmost of the crowds, If you explore beforehand in the morning.
To see the further original side of Chefchaouen, adventure anywhere outside the crowded Old Town and you ’ll find super cheap cafes and original requests. These will be better for your portmanteau than eating in one of the numerous sightseer caffs.

Al Hoceima

Located on the Mediterranean Sea, Al Hoceima is the perfect sand flight for those travelling through the north of Morocco. The Spanish helped to develop the megacity in the early 1900s, and currently Al Hoceima serves as an important harborage city and has a thriving fishing assiduity.
The strands then are some of the nicest and cleanest in the country. Quemado Beach is just a short walk from the megacity centre. Calabonita Beach is known for its demitasse clear, turquoise water. Other lovely strands in the area include Thara Youssef, Sfiha, Matadero, and Souani.
Al Hoceima is also positioned on the northern edge of the Rif Mountains, so there are lots of rugged escarpments to enhance the decor .
Al Hoceima National Park has lots of openings for hiking, mountain biking, and esteeming the dramatic, putatively untouched natural beauty.



This lower- known Moroccan littoral megacity is ideal for browsers and sand bums. Safi is n’t veritably touristy, which is great for passing the original culture. The Medina is full of shops dealing gorgeous pottery and traditional cafes dealing fresh sardines, sticky mint teas and hearty tagines. The Main Beach consists of a massive stretch of golden beach framed by a long sidewalk and fossil cafes. During downtime, the swells attract browsers from each over the globe, and all time round the water is cold and stimulating. Drive about 15 twinkles north of Safi Main Beach to Lalla Fatna Beach for a further isolated sunbathing spot. You’ll notice at the strands that most original women dress conservatively. still, there are no concrete rules as to what you can and ca n’t wear at the sand, If you’re a woman. But you may choose to cover up as much as possible to blend in with the locals and show respect for their culture.



Asilah is a artistic melting pot abiding on the Atlantic Ocean, making it one of the stylish places to visit in Morocco. Then you can find bastions erected by the Portuguese, an Old Town with Spanish influence, and whitewashed structures that act those of Greece. Through all this multiculturalism, the Moroccan charm still shines through with the traditional requests of the megacity. Thursday, in particular, is the busiest request day, where original artists showcase their work and trippers can protect for traditional goods and monuments. Art suckers can also visit the notorious art gallery known as Aplanos, or attend the Annual trades Festival in August. To enjoy the ocean, the two closest strands to the megacity centre are Asilah Beach, about 4 km north of the megacity center, and Paradise Beach, about 7 km south of the megacity center. The redundant distance to Paradise Beach may be worth it, as this sand is bigger and lower crowded than Asilah sand.

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