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Best places to visit in Greece

Tourist Attractions in Greece – Greece is one of the best choices for the holidays. In Greece, there are over sixty Islands, historic sites-four thousand years, beautiful beaches, and the towering mountains. There are a wide variety of attractions in Greece you can exploration. Greece is one of the most popular tourist places in the world. Throughout Greece, there are many historical ruins that are the remnants of ancient civilizations, and various churches and medieval buildings. Greece offers absolutely stunning getaway for everyone.


Santorini is the attractions in Greece that is a volcanic island in the Cyclades group of islands of Greece. This place is famous for its fantastic scenery, stunning sunsets, white houses are often laundered. Fira is Santorini’s capital, and this place is the Venetian and Cycladic architecture of the marriage. Santorini has a white stone Street, the bustle of visitors who buy souvenirs in the shops, as well as hotels and cafes. The most remarkable of this place is its sticking to the edge of a cliff as high as 400 meters (1,300 ft).


Mykonos attractions popular among cosmopolitan islands of Greece and was widely acclaimed as one of the tourist attractions in Greece. Mykonos town (Chora) is a stunning white town with small streets and whitewashed in various line the streets. This place is also famous for its beaches and nightlife are diverse and intense as you can see in the many bars and nightclubs.


In ancient times, Delphi is home to the shrine and oracle of Apollo in the religion of Greece. The ancient theater of Delphi was built on a hill, which gives the audience the view throughout the sanctuary and spectacular views. Attractions in Greece it was originally built with only 4 seats, and could accommodate up to 5,000 spectators. Now this place is one of the major tourist attractions in Greece.

Mount Athos

Mount Athos is a mountain and a peninsula in northern Greece. The easternmost peninsula there is a large building and is home to approximately 1,400 monks in Eastern Orthodox monasteries. These places include the autonomous State under the sovereignty of Greece, tourists who go into Mount Athos are strictly controlled, and only men are allowed in for a visit to one of the tourist attractions in Greece.


Lindos is a village of the middle ages on the island of Rhodes, which consists of various streets in the middle of the whitewashed houses. From the top of the Acropolis in Lindos, offering views of the Harbour and surrounding coastline. Lindos Beach and the beach of Saint Pauls are only a short distance from the city center. Attractions in Greece is very popular and very much visited by tourists each year.


Parthenon is on top of the Acropolis, and one of the attractions of Greece’s most famous, and a visit to Athens will not be complete without visiting this temple. The construction of the Parthenon began in 447 BC, to replace the old temple which was destroyed by the Persians. During the history of the Parthenon, the temple has long functioned as a temple, fortress, Church, mosques in various different periods.

Myrtos Beach

Located in the North-West of Kefalonia Myrtos beach is a tourist spot in Greece are popular because of the color of the water is magical. Blue and turquoise contrast sharply with the bright white of the sea, as well as marble pebbles along the coast. The mountains are steep and high cliffs behind the beach of Myrtos increasingly add to the beauty of this beach. For all this beauty, Myrtos has previously been 12 times awarded as the best beach in Greece.


Meteora (hovering in the air) is in the Centre of Greece which is a collection of six amazing monasteries located above some of the pillars of stone. The first monastery in Meteora was built in the 14th century. Access to the monasteries it deliberately difficult, because it requires a long staircase or large nets used to transport goods and people. Attractions in Greece this is fabulous, especially if You watch the scenery from the top of the monasteries.

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